What We Don’t Do

We believe understanding what you don’t do is just as essential as understanding what you do. We work to help every client sharpen their understanding of their own brand through defining what that brand is not.

At Plewes Consulting, we do not do:

Growth Hacking

If you’re looking for someone to design a mobile ad with a Photoshopped hair on it to trick, er, entice, users to “engage” with your ad, we are not your people.We do not run after the latest craze or blog article promising too-good-to-be-true results. While it’s always nice to see an exponential swing up, we believe in sustainable growth and in using strategies to attain consistent improvements.

Vanity Measurement

There are lots of metrics in marketing that make you feel great. Most of those don’t do anything for your business. We believe in helping our clients generate revenue – and that means measuring deeper than your total number of Instagram followers, cost per impression, or cost per click. We dive into your total costs to capture and retain customers and optimize to what makes the most money. Ultimately, we’re only successful if you’re successful, so we measure by the bottom line.

One Thing for Everyone

There are fundamentals that works for everyone, but we don’t believe in doing only one thing and finding a way to find each client into the mold. We have broad experience in branding, traditional marketing, and digital marketing and pick from that array to bring the most efficient ideas to you.

Fit Every Company Into One Cookie-Cutter

There’s no one-size-fits-all media or marketing plan, especially when you’re challenged with limited resources and aggressive goals.

We don’t have a boilerplate template that we put your logo on and sell to everyone. Each clients goals are unique, so each client’s plans are bespoke.

Sell Specific Products or Platforms

We believe one of the benefits of the breadth of modern marketing and technology is the ability to choose what’s right for you. We don’t have pre-set platforms, technologies or vendors we will attempt to sell you.

Some clients need custom websites, some clients need WordPress, and other clients will get the best return from Squarespace. Some clients get incredible results from Facebook ads, and others are all-in on paid search.

We work to understand your business goals over the coming months and years to recommend the platforms that will be the most efficient.