Workshops & Training

We think knowledge is better when it’s shared. When you want to empower your employees to manage more of your marketing efforts, we offer these classes.

Classes are offered in-person at your offices, where your employees are trained on your instance of the implementation.

Google Analytics, Google AdWords & Google Search Console for Beginners

In this day-long workshop, learn the basics of Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Google Search Console. Your employees will leave this workshop with an understanding of how to track and measure conversion rates and marketing effectiveness.

Google Analytics In-Depth

In this day-long workshop, your employees will learn how to use Google Analytics – from understanding where traffic is coming from to how to identify pain points that could be inhibiting conversions.

Google Tag Manager In-Depth

As marketing plans get more sophisticated, tag management is critical to your ability to measure campaigns. In this day-long workshop, your employees will learn how to identify where media tracking tags should go, and implement them through Google Tag Manager. Employees will learn the types of tags that can be used inside GTM and when to use them.